SMART Board® 7000R Pro series
With next generation writing precision, intuitive tools and quick connectivity, the 7000R Pro series helps your teams collaborate – whether they’re tech newbies or ninjas.
Funtronic Floor
A Funtronic floor as an interactive projection tool that is simultaneously an interactive floor and table give a wide range of possibilities of its use in diverse spaces and areas.
SMART Board® 7000 series
The 7000 series is the digital heart of your interactive classroom experience, connecting SMART Boards and software, devices and vibrant imaginations.
ScottieGO edu
Scottie Go! is an innovative game to teach programming. It is a combination of cardboard tiles, which are used by the players to create programming commands, and an app that sets tasks and scans the proposed solutions that set Scottie and other characters in motion.
SMART Board® 7000 Pro series
Our flagship interactive display with the most advanced touch, writing and collaborative experience for faster breakthroughs.
Interactive Sandbox
The Interactive Sandbox creates a unique world of experience where the projection responds to your action; dig, build, role, place objects, work together & play! What can be more natural to a child?
Sets of interactive games
Funtronic Floor is available with the following options of interactive games' packages
SMART Board® 6000 series
The new SMART Board 6000 series with iQ gets everyone in your classrooms out of their seats and eager to learn, using different devices.
SMART Board® 6000 Pro series
Our most popular display increases productivity, while reducing meeting time by looping in more minds, insights and perspectives at once.
SMART Board® 6000S series
The SMART Board 6000S series has exclusive interactive and sensor technology to bridge physical and digital learning and optimize the classroom environment.
SMART Board® MX Pro series
More than a basic, non-touch display. Wireless screen-sharing makes it easy for colleagues to show content from their devices.
SMART Board® MX series
Meet the user and budget friendly solution to elevating your outcomes: the SMART Board MX series has all the interactive tools educators need at a great value.

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