Funtronic Floor

What is a Funtronic Floor?

Funtronic Floor is an unusual interactive education tool dedicated to education, exercises and motion games. Fun and learning with this atractive floor develop in children large morality, visual-motion coordination, perception and responsiveness.



Just remote control and movements of the arms or legs is needed to operate Funtronic Floor. It is very easy to use and therefore it is so popular in every place where children are presence: nurseries, kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, therapeutic and rehabilitation centers, shooping centers.

Funtronic Floor is an integrated motion sensor witch includes a projector, computer and interactive floor.

Its functionality enables a wide range of application in any room, on a light and smoothsurface. The image displayed on the floor creates a virtual „Funtronic Floor“, where pre-school children are going throuth the great adventure, starting with games and motion activities till cognitive education from all areas of knowledge.


A child at play integrates into its course throuth the movement of hands or feet. The size of the displayed image depends on the height of the suspension of the device over the floor and is typically similar to a rectangle with the dimension of a 2 x 3 meters. The advantage of this unique on the market education tool is extraordinary easiness of just with a remote control pilot - similar to handling the houshold TV.

Funtronic Floor was designed by Polish engineers and is produced in Poland.


Funtronic floor includes


>> buit-in motion detection system

>> buit-in short throw projector

>> built-in computer

>> set of interactive games

>> remote control

>> USB, HDMI, LAN, Audio interfaces

>> ceiling hanger

>> power card

>> user manual


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