Sets of interactive games

Where to use Funtronic Floor?

A Funtronic floor as an interactive projection tool that is simultaneously an interactive floor and table give a wide range of possibilities of its use in diverse spaces and areas.

The fusion of fun, education, and rehabilitation based on the MOVE prove to be an ideal solution in all didactic, therapeutic, and social areas:


Didactic Areas:

Classroom - an idea for pleasing and smart educational classes

School corridors - a remedy for boring and dangerous breaks

School clubhouses - attractive alternative for extracurricular activities


Therapeutical Areas:

The room of world experiences - an essential help for successful therapy with different disabilities

Centers for aged people - a pleasing therapy for the elderly, suffering from for example dementia

Interactive floor as a tool for effective rehabilitation

Social Areas:

Museums - an innovative insight into history, culture, and art

Shopping malls - social interactions are no longer restrained just to dothe shopping

Children's playing parlours and Tots Clubs -multimedia can be healthy and safe


Sets of Interactive games:

>> Funtronic Floor with Fun Package (for nurseries, kindergartens and playgrounds)

>> Funtronic Floor with Edu Package (for schools)

>> Funtronic Floor with Reh Package (for therapeutic and rehabilitation activities)

>> Funtronic Floor with Funkod Package (programing for kindergartens and schools)

>> Funtronic Floor with Cycling License Package (for schools)

>> Funtronic Floor with English Package (for kindergartens and schools)

>> Funtronic Floor with Senior Fit Package (for adults and seniors)



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