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Technology designed for productivity

SMART Board Pro interactive displays empower colleagues to collaborate across devices, offices and time zones as if they were in the same room. With SMART, there's no limit to what teams can achieve. Simply walk up and use for faster breakthroughs, enhanced productivity and serious ROI.


Displays to meet your needs and your budget

Our full range of SMART Board Pro displays means you can choose what fits the need of your team while fitting your budget.

As always, all SAMRT Board Pro displays come with free collaboration software and services, our unparalleled collaborative experience, and unmatched quality, longevity and regulatory compliance ensuring that your technology will provide ROI for years to come.


MX Pro series

The essential SMART Board Pro with all the interactive tools teams need to collaborate at a great value, designed and built to last.



6000 Pro series

The most popular SMART Board Pro that makes meetings more efficient by looping in more minds, insights, and perspectives.



7000R Pro series

The next-generation SMART Board Pro featuring the most precise writing experience with advanced collaboration and connectivity features.



Includes free learning software

Turn static content into interactive lessons with the world's best education software designed to work within the workflows your teachers already use.

SMART Notebook basic version


Unparalleled collaborative experience

Seamless lessons

iQ Android embedded computing lets teachers switch with a tap, from delivering a lesson to writing on a whiteboard to surfing the internet. Students stay focused. Teachers save precious time.

Device compatibility

SMART Board displays work with all sorts of iOS, Windows and Android devices, including Chromebooks, so you can easily share screens and stream media using native casting.

Multi-user collaboration

Simultaneous Tool Differentiation frees multiple students to write, erase and move notes at the same time and Object awareness detection automatically makes pens write, fingers move and palms erase.

Write into files

SMART Ink software lets teachers write into PDFs, Microsoft Office files and websites, then save notes in almost any file type. Even convert notes to text and access display tools.


Get the most out of your SMART solution

Your purchase is just the beginning. Our implementation services, professional learning, and technical support resources help educators learn to use their SMART solutions, hone their technology skills and improve student outcomes.

Professional Learning

SMART provides complementary professional learning plans, and online courses, certifications, webinars that cover both functional and pedagogical topics.

Support Services

Receive expert support from SMART, with the experience, knowledge, and resources to ensure a fast, effective technology implementation.

Technical Support

So much more than downloads and guides, SMART support has tons of resources to get you started and a thriving community of educators to tap into.



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